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  1. Is online checkin before my departure from Costa Rica available?
  2. Shuttles by (private or shared) minivans all over Costa Rica
  3. Driving to Quepos / Manuel Antonio from San Jose
  4. Drive to Monteverde - How long to stay in Monteverde? - Visiting San Jose
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    I heard online checkin before my departure from Costa Rica is not available Hello, I heard online checkin before my departure from Costa Rica is not available Is this correct ?? Mary B.. Denver, USA REPLY: Mary, ALL passengers leaving Costa Rica must first pay $26 departure tax, then complete the immigration form (attached to the tax receipt) and wait in line for checkin by a live airline agent. Upon checkin your passport is scanned which brings your flight details on the agent's screen and prints out your boarding pass(es) automatically. So there is absolutely no need to print your boarding passes before arrival at the airport. It doesn't save you any time at the airport!

    Shuttles by minivans all over Costa Rica Hello, We are looking forward to our visit to Costa Rica. We will need to leave for Montezuma the next morning. Will someone be able to help us make travel arrangements for this? Our friends we are visiting said that there is a $40 shuttle available but it needs to be booked ahead of time. Any information you can pass on would be very helpful. Thank you so much. Kassandra M. New York, USA REPLY: Kassandra, You find the shared minibuses of Interbus on Click on Rates top-right and click in the left column on 'From San Jose Hotels' Rates listed are per person. Montezuma is indeed still $40 p.p. If you stay in Margarita's Airport B & B, make sure you request a pickup from Hotel Martino, La Garita, Alajuela We have a free shuttle service to there! If you stay in our B & B and you want a private minivan with private driver exclusively for your party, please see A private minivan with driver is often cheaper than Interbus if your party is 3 to 4 persons You want the CHEAPEST transportation by public buses? See and click on Costa Rica Then select as your Departure city: Alajuela and enter your Destination City ! Estimated costs by public bus: Around $4 to $5 per ONE hour driving

    Driving to Quepos from San Jose Hello, We are renting a car from your place driving to Quepos. We are also considering just flying over to Quepos & renting a car there. We here conflicting reports about the roads from San Jose to Quepos. We would be driving January the 12th. Your advice page is so outstanding. I decided to ask your opinion. REPLY: Liz, When we bought the Jungle Villa in Manual Antonio in 1999 it took 5 hours from SJO Airport to Quepos !! Now you can do it in 2 hours at 5am before police starts checking your speed and more traffic is on the road The whole road is now paved. Count on 2.5 to 3 hours to reach Quepos from San Jose People now even rent sedan cars (NOT 4x4's) to drive to Quepos Also the 25-mile road from Quepos to Dominical is now completely paved. Quepos - Dominical is now a 30-40 minute drive instead of a 1.5 hour rough 4x4 ride

    Subject: Drive to Monteverde - How long to stay - Visiting San Jose
    Ad, We are trying to figure out travel from the Margarita B&B to Monteverde. We would like to see the Cloud Forest but have heard a variety of ideas about whether there is enough there to do for two days or just one. Any thoughts? How long does it take to get from the B&B to Monteverde? By the maps is doesn't look like it is that far but I have no idea what the roads are like. Also, any thoughts about spending a day in San Jose? Is there a public market worth visiting? Any museums in San Jose that we should consider? Any thoughts, comments, and suggestions are greatly appreciated. REPLY: Chris, Monteverde is 3 hours driving from here or SJO Airport if you have a 4x4 With a sedan car you probably never reach Monteverde because the bad road the last 30 minutes before Monteverde Guests staying 1 week or less in Costa Rica probably stay 1 night in Monteverde If you stay longer in CR you better stay 2 nights there San Jose downtown is not really a tourist place. In San Jose you find the jade museum, the gold museum and the children's museum You have many restaurants, shops and pedestrian area (Central Avenue) but not a public market worth visiting What many guests DO experience as a 'culture shock' AFTER they have visited the beautiful jungles, waterfalls, beaches and national parks of Costa Rica, is a visit to the westernized suburbs of San Jose: Escazu and Santa Ana with many fancy restaurants, shopping malls (MultiPlaza with 300 shops), private hospitals, expensive hotels, high-rise apartment buildings and showrooms with BMW's and Jaguars