Margarita's Airport Hotel - Check-in and Check-out
    Our check-in time is between 1pm and 12 midnight.
    If you arrive by plane from outside Costa Rica, we can only check you in
    if the SCHEDULED arrival time of your flight into Costa Rica is between
    6am and 11pm !!
    If your flight is scheduled to arrive before 11pm but is delayed, we can
    still check you in later that night.  No problem!
    If your flights is scheduled to arrive between 11pm and 6am, like
    AeroMexico and Spirit Air we kindly ask you to book your first
    night stay in Costa Rica in another hotel with 24/7 checkin.
    If your flight arrives early in the morning after 6am, we can check you 
    in AFTER 9am as soon as your room becomes available.
    Our check-out time is 11am.
    If you have a late departure you can stay longer in our hotel as long
    as your room is vacant at 11am.
    We can store your luggage for free if you still want to make a tour on
    the day of your departure.