Taxi transfers to SJO Airport from Margarita's Airport Hotel are available from 3am
    1. Our guests normally leave our hotel about 2.5 - 3 hours before scheduled flight departure
    If this means you have to leave before 7am, please order a taxi transfer the night before
    from our staff.  We use reliable taxi drivers who charge normal rates, always arrive in time 
    and who can open our security gate.
    For security reasons we DON'T allow any other taxi drivers on our property before 7am. 
       If you have to leave after 7am we can order the taxi the same day you leave
    2. Price for a sedan taxi is $18 for max.3 persons with reasonable amount of luggage.
       Price by minivan taxi is $20 per ride for max.6 persons.
       If you travel with a surf board you should take a minivan taxi too!
    3. The ride to the airport takes 10 to 15 minutes
       On arrival at the airport you have to pay first departure tax which is $28 per person
       You have to show the passport of each passenger to the tax office
       Departure tax can be paid cash (US dollars or Colones) or by credit / debit card
       TIP: Let 1 passenger pay the taxes with all passports, and the others can join the line.
       The tax receipt doubles as an immigration form which must be completed for each passenger
    4. Give the completed immigration form to the airline staff at checkin
       After flight checkin you have to go thru Passport Control and Security
    5. Now you arrive in the departure area and you are ready to depart.
       Remember that San Jose airport has more departure gates than shops!
       So there is not much to do once you have passed the security
       But the departure area has free wireless wifi Internet !
       Which brings us back to Point 1 above: Why should you leave 3 hours before departure??
       Sleep 30 minutes longer and leave 2.5 hours before scheduled departure !!